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April 26, 2004



Superb. I feel exactly the same way, and I'm a 10-year veteran of the Navy. His parsing is starting to remind me what the definition of 'is' is...


I didn't know if the Navy folks use the terms the same way as we do in the Army, good to have a sailor's comments on it. I guess he really is dissembling.


They were referred to as service ribbons and medals, (separately), when I served in the Navy thirty-some years ago.


Last time I looked at mine, the ribbons were about one inch by about 3/8 inch. The medals had a big heavy piece of metal dangling from them.

Kinda hard to miss. Yeah, I understand the esoteric argument about the ribbon being the representation of the medal (in some instances) but there are also ribbons such as the Combat Action Ribbon where there is no associated medal. Kerry threw some other deluded fool's medals over the fence - or stole some for the occasion - and now he's doing his normal back-fill and shuffle routine.

It's been over 30 years since I was in a Muslim country (Pakistan, Marine Security Guard) but I have a really basic feel for the culture over there.

By the way - if you want more email let me know - I have a LOT of time on my hands and would appreciate the chance to learn from the pro's!


Another point to be made, at least from my perspective as a former Marine, is that every medal has a corresponding ribbon, but every ribbon does not necessarilly have a corresponding medal. Examples would include; Sea Service Deployment ribbon, Overseas Service Deployment ribbon, and Combat Action ribbon. All are awarded for achieving certain milestones in ones career, yet none have medals. As has been said already, the average sailer and soldier know the difference and I guarantee you the average Marine knows the difference. One would hope that someone who aspires to be Commander-in-Chief would know the difference and that they ARE NOT interchangable.


I have NO doubt that Sen. Kerry knows the difference, but he's dug himself a hole. Back then his voters were anti-war hence his actions on thowing the ribbons (medals?) away. Then later some of his voters turned out to be union memebers who weren't happy about it and instead of fessing up with something like "I was an idiot then, but I've grown up now" he started spinning. Who was it that said: Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we start to deceive. There really is not graceful way to get out of it now except possibly to ignore the whole issue - instead he's started attacking Bush's record - again.

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