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April 28, 2004


Forrest Baker

So, as this poll indicates, America is slowly losing the moral high ground for invading/liberating Iraq. Oh, how the Europeans will rejoice. They will be right not because the invasion was unjust, but because we ‘liberated’ a people who don’t deserve it. The Eurolog may not admit this, but deep down they are more racist than any good-ole-boy from Savannah. “You stupid Americans, what did you expect?” Well, like all good Americans and unlike most of the world, we expect more out of humanity. Besides, we did liberate the Kurds, and they were worth it. It may be we piss of our questionable loyal allies, the Turks, and carve out a very big section of northern Iraq and call it Kurdistan! Then, we could try the European method of installing another brutal dictator and then benefit form our own oil for food scheme!

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