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February 25, 2005



Remember: "Suicide is painless..."

Thomas Naughton

You and your blog are pretty angry. How is that working out? You were right about the timeline of the Iraq Quagmire and my friend Eric, who is alive and not made up---made up people can't read your column online and call to say "Hi, I'm not dead". He reminded me that two years ago, he was coming back from AFGANISTAN, not Iraq. My mistake, Mr. Smartypants. With so many debacles on the watch of Mr. Bush, its hard to keep them straight!
Well, I feel really flattered to be included on your blog. Please read my future columns and analyze them on here COMPLETELY MISSING THE POINT AND TAKING MY WORDS OUT OF CONTEXT LIKE A MORON...just as you did with this column.


ps. That picture near the bottom is WAY unflattering. God Bless!


Well Thomas, thanks for writing. If you feel that I took any of your words out of context, you had ample opportunity to correct me on it. Still do, I don't edit or censor comments. Most Lefties look stupid enough (or whiny enough in your case) to make my points clear. I used direct quotes from your op-ed, and even provided a link to ensure anyone who wanted could go read the original. So please, what part of your gloating about stealing yellow magnets from cars did I get out of context?
Since you chose only to correct your lie about your "friend" I'm guessing that the "out of context" problem is, shall we say, made up as well.
However, it's good to know that Lefties like you still consider Afghanistan and Iraq to be "debacles." Your "friend" could tell you that the Afghanis and Iraqis don't consider their freedom a debacle. I've asked them personally, you should try it, or at least have your "friend" try it. You may be surprised to learn that most folks in Afghanistan and Iraq can't really relate to what's happening on today's university campuses.
Remember, no matter how much you hate W, it's not proof of anything other than your hatred of W. You Lefties, Saddam, the gay-killing, women-hating Taliban, and all the fascist muslim imams, are in perfect harmony on that.
I'd rather say I was always, and always will be, on the other side. No matter who is President.


What other side? The one where we gave money to the Taliban to help them fight the drug war? The side where we sold weaponry and attempted to curry favor with Saddam? The one where we covertly facilitated the drug wars in Central America and supported the Central American dictators? Whats the other side ... in Colombia? Peru? How 'bout Venezuala? Which other side was it in Chile. The side that gave Indonesia a pass on East Timor?

I'd say you're pretty reliable to be on the other side. Just don't confuse it with a solid endorsement for freedom and democracy.

I'm impressed that Diggs is gun-ho for freedom and democracy. Even late to the table is ok. But your effort at capturing the moral high ground is laughable, like toddlers minus the booster seats. Of course, the terms Diggs and compnay brings to the table will produce a curious form of freedom and democracy. So I have to wonder just what fucking other side Diggs thinks he is on?

Before you folks start wrapping yourselves around the shrouds and sacrifices of people in Iraq and Afghanistan, you better pony up to a track record that is admirable only to those who rank cynicism and human rights violations as core values.

Diggs is playing a fast and loose game of ends justifying the means 'cept the ends themselves keep changing. The means don't however. Ugh...


Dewayne is playing a fast and loose game of talking smack. Did your friend Naughton tell you about Diggs' post at recess?

Feh. Vandalize any cars lately?

K-Pod X

WOW. Words fail me.
First off, why would you expect to put a magnet on your car, and it NOT be stolen? It's a MAGNET. It PEELS OFF. The fact that it has a controversial statement on it just makes it that much more likely to be stolen.

The fact that you are shocked and outraged over this amazes me. Suppose I put a "F*CK THE PIGS" sticker on my car, and I suddenly start getting pulled over by cops all the time. Gee, who the hell would've thought that would happen? Sure, the cops aren't SUPPOSED to target me because of my sticker...but, c'mon, it's going to happen. Are you pretending that those magnets are anything BUT a big middle finger in the face of anyone who has protested this war?

This is so stupid, it must be a marketing ploy. Neocons just slap the stickers on their car because their friends are doing it. Then, some leftist comes along and steals the magnet. Neocon gets pissed, buys another magnet. Great for the auto magnet companies. (Does the neocon ever get smart and just get a bumper sticker?)

Just ask yourself this: What do you think would happen if I put a magnet on my car that said: "F*CK THE TROOPS"? Would I be shocked and outraged by the reaction I got? I'd be lucky if all that happened was it getting stolen...


So the fact that someone's perosnal property isn't padlocked and at the bottom of the ocean somehow makes it all right to steal something from someone and then crow about the theft in an op-ed? Are you telling me that it is somehow morally equivalent to putting some statement on your car? The "didn't lock it down enough" argument fails to put into account that what the child did was still wrong.

And why try to make a statement like "support the troops" on a yellow ribbon, which seems to be fairly mainstream around a good chunk of the country, as equivalent to your proposed inflammatory statements? Do you not see that one of the differences is that your statements are mean and hateful, and the other one isn't? Your choice of bumper stickers is a straw man.


In K-Pod's world, I am justified in stealing UNICEF boxes from trick or treating kids if I felt the world is overpopulated.


Does mc really feel the need to justify why it steals UNICEF boxes from trick or treating kids? Other than sheer guilt - which would require some moral aptitude - why would mc want to question it's might is right position on anything?


Dwayne-Wondering what 'it' refers to?

Does this mean you support the theft of signs that offend you if they are not somewhat permanently affixed to another object?

Would it be better if I pilfered the boxes without strong arming the kids, take it from them when they are not looking? (That would take away the might aspect of the theft.)

Just trying to figuring when stealing is ok.


My wife doesn't consider "support our troops" to be a controversial message. That's because I'm currently at Camp Liberty, for my second deployment to Iraq.
Believe it or not, she's not a neocon bent on world domination.
She just loves me.
And anyone whose petty hatred prompts them to steal that little symbol of her love and support is just... well, pathetic.
You oppose the war. Got it. Keep talking, just stop your petty theft. It's childish.

(for anyone keeping track: 22Jan-22Mar03: Arifjan, Kuwait; 23Mar-14Jun03: Tallil, Iraq; 15June-7Jul03: Arifjan again. 7July03: Home to Ft. Benning. Jan05: Arifjan; Feb05 through whenever06: Camp Liberty, Baghdad. I'll let you know if I meet 'Eric')


so would it be better if someone took off the magnet and just.. relocated it? Say to the underbody of the car. It's not stealing.

I don't support the troops. And as long as nobody puts a magnet on my car.. that's fine.
agree to disagree. Everyone has free choice- to serve or not. I'd rather spend years in jail than go kill another person. Just me. sorry, no stealing, no killing.

Frankly Opinionated

Sh*t! If I didn't think so much of Ladies I would call these guys Pu$$ies. What a bunch of losers. I've been enlightened a couple of times that about 95% of acadamia is liberal. My response has been: "In spite of that fact- fully 50% of their students are smart enough to be Conservatives. I grew up in the rust belt, union dominated, Democrat north. John Kennedy made me a Republican.
Know what they call a brave, heroic liberal? Non-existant!
nuf sed

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