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April 03, 2005



Given the cultural-cum-political neandertals that erect themselves as guardians of all things right and proper are still fighting the Enlightment and generally all things 18th century - cuz you just can't improve on that 12th century stuff - well, as usual you're full of it. Of course, there's that whole 'winger movement refighting Scopes. Then there's those good Christian Conservatives who still haven't come to grips with birth control ... for women. Yep, Diggs, those fools at Moveon.org are just so many heads in the sand. Wanker.


Wow! The resident Anti (fight the POWER, mayun!) responds within microseconds to rant against the post!

You've got it ALL there, DeWayne--"fighting the Enlightment (sic)", arguing completely past whatever the post said, ending with the OH so British "wanker" as an ending argument!

Man you've got some top quality trolling there, mister!

Amy K.

Nice to see you back, Diggs.

DeWayne needed an outlet. He was probably driving his parents insane.


Whatever the post said? When chaps gets around to actually reading the post then mabbe he can add something. Its not too difficult to talk past Diggs since there's not much use to engaging in a discourse thats little more than Diggs scratching his ass and issuing the obligatory belch and hiccup. Argue past? The guy has to make a point first. Diggs doesn't. He's a reactive type

If Diggs thinks that the moveon crowd are a tad fixated on the past then he should know since his ilk - note the blogenuflection to the Leedle Gween Foozeballs volk. The moveon crowd are still convulsing over the last election - who could blame 'em. Conservatives haven't gotten over much and their idea of moving on largely involves some kind of devolution. Now I'm prone to seeing 'wingers as reptiles but perhaps chaps and diggs aspire to a more reptillian existence?


Funny stuff!

I feel so bad that I didn't follow DeWayne's stringent requirement to "add something". Maybe I should also learn how to spell badly in a lame attempt at a joke, too.

Boy, I sure want to engage with a comment like that one above. It really moves an argument along and stays focused on a coherent line of thinking.


Nice to see DeWayne's Troll School classes are paying off.


Yeah! :-P


Copy that! I just LOVE it when the neuro-digressives start spouting their tripe about how this country needs to do this and do that in the name of acheiving some dope-induced hallucination of "eutopia". As a former member of the military, and a proud "cold-war" warrior, I am becoming increasingly alarmed at the increase of "commie wannabe" malfeasance in this country. Citizens, and I use that term quite loosely here, that are disrepectful, argumentative, malcontented, cast off and "reasoned with" prodigy from parents of the God forsaken "hippie" generation havn't a clue as to what it is they are trying to promulgate, and propagate as a misguided, unwanted agenda. Move On dot whatever, can, in my opinion, just move OUT. There is a "perfect" socialist society poised just to our north which would be happy to embrace these "huggers of trees" and "lovers of small furry creatures". Also, that great bastion of communist ideology, that shining example of a kollective workers paradise that sits just off our southern shore stands ready to welcome these Stalinesque "dreamers" into thier loving arms. I clicked through to this website from the Cox and Forkum site and I truly like what I see here. I will be adding this link to my own new site which will be up and running in the near future. Keep the faith you lovers of freedom, you sons of liberty. Hoo Ahh!


The proud "cold-war" warrior spits stomps shoots and shouts

...commie wannabe" malfeasance in this country...[farts]

...God forsaken "hippie" generation...[belches]

..."perfect" socialist society...[wipes drool, scratches balls]...

..."huggers of trees"..."lovers of small furry creatures"...[hiccups]...

[growls...blinks...farts]...great bastion of communist ideology ...[spits...shakes fists...farts]...shining example of a kollective workers paradise...[scratches head...blinks]...Stalinesque "dreamers"...[falls off barstool]

This performance is:

a. what happens when those in persistent vegetative state finally speak
b. similar to the what the dinosaurs expressed just before they became extinct
c. what the Slim Pickens character really said as he rode the bomb in the film Dr. Strangelove
d. what happens when you feel attacked by the educated, intelligent segment of the population


Oh pweese, sthopt it DUH WHINE! Ywour hwurting mwy fweelwings. Pweese, can't we all just go save some whales or sumthing? Bah! You make me laugh. Ad Hominem attacks are the only tactics that you can employ? Ok, stand by for the sit rep you LIBERAL AMERICA HATING maggot...










BALL SCRATCHER (cause I GOT a pair)



SCRAPED KNUCKLES(from kicking the shit out of loud mouthed commie WANNABES)


ANTI BABY KILLER (you one of those baby killers Duh Whine?)

BLUE BLOODED AMERICAN VETERAN(whos boots, I might add, YOU are not worthy to tie, but you can lick em anytime you want)

And by God am I proud of THAT resume!

Got your bags packed yet? Better grow a beard to hide the stretch marks around your mouth, but, oh, it probably doesn't bother you all that much so never mind.

Stick that in your dope pipe and choke on it.

Need I say it again? COMMIE.......WANNABE


patsy, don't hold back now, tell us what you really think? Answer d?

'winger nuts sure do like barking commands. Patsy, I'd peg you more for Yosemite Sam but now that you mention it, the lisp and the list make you more Elmer Fudd. Either way there's more toon than tune in your whistle. And like Elmer, you'll never get da wabbit.

What is it with you 'winger nuts and aggression? I mean, really, is there some distinctive personality trait, a wife beater tic, such that when they encounter expressions (or God forbid people) with which they disagree, they don the ol' t-shirt and start swatting the air with their backhand? Its more or less the posture of the impotent but it still is worth noting.

Patsy's YELLING BECAUSE ITS ALL IN CAPS really illustrates my point above. Diggs digs into moveon.org because so many of the fellow travelers keep arguing over recent events which he conveniently dismisses as settled matters. He can wish it but like a lot on the right living in a fantasy-based community will result in nothing but some heavy-duty prescription drugs to counteract the mental illness. Bush and his agenda don't quite have the legitimacy that Diggs & co. assumes. So they compensate by playing to a segment of the population that simply has no place in a modern secular multicultural democracy. And they like to play up force. Like the preening thuggery of patsy. (A few side snickers and a couple of winks will always foil patsy).

But it's also piling on the hypocrisy to take a swipe at moveon.org when the mouthbreathers hammered at Clinton for eight years, nicely bankrolled by one of the scions of American meritocracy, Scaife Mellon. Clinton's mere existence sent 'wingers into a frenzy of hate (and not a little violence). Anyone remember Alan Rudolph - why so little media attention to domestic terrorist number one?

So where's the right? Dildos like patsy seem to be stuck in a time warp, still shadowboxing hippies and longing for the chance to kill a real commie. Ditto for cranks like zany. Whats a common meme among the freeper creeper crowd or the little green nazis? We need to re-fight the old battles...Vietnam, civil rights, rock n roll, the cold war, the Korean war, the New Deal, the 20th century, modernity. Evolution? Nope, gotta git back to dat monkey business in da bible. Separation of church and state? A century long conspiracy to deny Christianity its rightful place of being jammed down everyone throat. Judicial review? Fucking reactionary twits wanna argue about John Marshall and judicial review! That is when they're not fondly contemplating the cleansing affects of just killing the fucking judges.

Fucking people are just begging for fascism.


Hmm, well, in response, I can only say, it's all about Darwinisim is it not? Isn't that the "liberal" "anti-God" party line DeWayne? Yes, by your last comments are you truly revealed. Well, in keeping with the spirit of Darwinisim, DeWayne, I'm just as much an animal as you. Is that not correct? And in the "man made" panopoly of natural selection, is it not an unmitigated truth that only the "strong" survive? Is it not also the truth, according to Darwin, that the most brutish, aggresive, uncompromising, single-minded ANIMALS are to be the ones to determine the outcome of "natural selection"? Ah yes, here is the moral reletivistic "flaw" in your arguments. If, case in point, we are all just animals, and further, we are all just "evolved" talking monkeys, dosen't it stand to reason that there are those among us, who are PRE DETERMINED to be the ones that "beat our chests" "scratch our balls" "itch our asses" and more or less "beat the weak,sickly, useless" members of the pack into submission? Huh? C'mon, I KNOW you've argued with others that we are all just evolved from apes. So, stand your ground, if you claim there is no God, then you are STUCK being the little "bitch" of the pack. Can you honestly tell me that you have seen a weak animal, try to plead for it's case before a stronger animal? Then, following along the lines of your thought, I, like many of my compatriots, are the STRONG animals amongst the pack. Be an evolved ape, and accept that there are those who are "stronger" and more "capable" of leading the pack than you and your kind. After all, DeWayne, isn't that what Darwinism is all about? Nah, you never will. Do you know why? Because you cannot for whatever reason come to grips with the fact that you were CREATED by a being who LOVES you no matter what your faults are because, you are too busy reveling in the "pleasures" of the world.
My advice to you, would be to get down on your knees, and accept the Christ into your heart. Ahh, but you won't do that will you? Your too busy trying to stamp it out like Saul (Paul) on the road to Tarsis. You see, the difference between you and I is that I ACCEPT, and PROFESS that I am a sinner, and that I need help. You never will because it would make you look like a fool in your friends eyes. You have my sympathy.


Your ass itches? You old flirt!

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