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December 30, 2005


Frankly Opinionated

In just the past few weeks, I have seen actions from teens,i.e. 16 year old goes to Iraq, 11th grader writes "FREEDOM" of names of dead, and this guy now. There've been others but the particulars escape me now.
These young adults are much more tightly wrapped than the screamers, shriekers, and other Moonbats out there. We Americans should, make that, must accociate and bolster these young adults. Find them, help them, keep them away form the dangerous stuff; like Liberals, Drugs, Satanism, you know; the really bad stuff. And, while we are helping them- Take a kid fishing today! I get all lumped up, reading of the works of this sort of citizen, (and I'm 65). This is their Country, ( I/we won't be around that much longer, and then they will have it to themselves. Teach 'em, train 'em, but show them the right!
nuf sed

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