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July 29, 2006



yea right, and any of that hog wash holds water, why? because you think so.


So, madtorn, it appears that research done at one of the static left institutions of higher learning shows - well, it shows you to be wrong. And just to make the world a better place for everyone, work hard on grammer and punctuation.


Spreaking of Facts: Milblog Spreads A Lie. Won't Retract. Doesn't Care

The so-called milblog, "One Marine's View," run by something calling itself "Capt. B," is spreading the lie that Sen. Hillary Clinton refused to meet with a group of Gold Star Mothers.

The truth is that Clinton wasn't in her office when a couple of them stopped by without an appointment. When they made an appointment they were received warmly. The organization issued a press release asking the wingnuts to quit lying, but Capt B and his nutcase followers like the lie better than they like the truth.

Can anyone be surprised?


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