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August 06, 2006



Kind of reminds me a little of the military desertion issue. You sign up to be a soldier, get the training, learn the skills, and when told to serve, get political angst about the "right war".
Jeremy Hinzman and the Watada fellow come to mind.

But at least they weren't in the dark about the identity of their commander.

Mary Ann Wright apparently was.


George W. Bush comes to mind. During the Vietnam War he signs up for the "Champagne Brigade" of the Texas Air National Guard. He checks "no" in the box on a form asking whether he'd be willing to perform overseas duty. He boozes his way through his "service," takes time off for Republican campaigning and then skips his drills and goes AWOL.

That's desertion.


Did she also resign her position on the retired list and forfeit her retainer pay?


The Incompetent Liar-in-Chief Prepares to Cut 'n Run

I wonder if he'll apologize to the families of the 2,500+ American soldiers that have died for his lie, or to the 8,000+ seriously wounded for his lie, or to the families of the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis killed, wounded or made homeless for his lie. Will he apologize to Americans for ruining this country's reputation by instituting a policy of torturing enemy combatants and civilians?

What about the people of Iraq, whose country he had ruined, and who will be left in the lurch when he yanks American troops out of there? And how about the consequences of such a highly visible U.S. defeat 'n retreat?

Oh yes, George W. Bush and his final act of desertion. What will he knee-jerk right-wing liar followers say? What will Faux News and Bill O'Leilly say? We know that none of you believe in accountability or personal responsibility, so who will you blame the defeat on? Cindy Sheehan? The New York Times? Death rays from outer space?



The Bush administration insists Iraq is a long way from civil war, but the contingency planning has already begun inside the White House and the Pentagon. President Bush will move U.S. troops out of Iraq if the country descends into civil war, according to one senior Bush aide who declined to be named while talking about internal strategy. "If there's a full-blown civil war, the president isn't going to allow our forces to be caught in the crossfire," the aide said. ...

If the country did someday meet the definition of civil war and the U.S. pulled out, military officials warn, the consequences would be disastrous. "All the neighboring powers would be drawn in," said one senior military official who has examined the scenarios and is not authorized to speak on the record. "It would become a regional war."

Agnieszka O.

Seriously WW - get your own blog.


I've linked to you here: http://consul-at-arms.blogspot.com/2006/08/re-its-called-public-service-for.html


She has her own blog. She's the Nutty Professor. Hopefully her family will do an intervention soon and get her the help she so desperately needs.


WW has a political blog. At a guess, frustration from the lack of comments there is the reason WW finds it necessary to leave his droppings here.
Just your basic far-left, still convinced the election was stolen, Sheehan cultist.
No hope for an intelligent conversation. Their 'Truth' beats the facts every time.

MissBirdlegs in AL

That's my assessment, also, MarkF. I decided long ago that he just wasn't getting enough attention. His dribbles on the Milblogs are rarely read, so why in the world would anyone go to his blog?

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