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August 30, 2006



The battle is joined: Previously, soldiers didn't have a forum. Now that they do, the left will try to neutralize observations contrary to their beliefs by portraying soldiers as 1)too poor to do anything else 2)too dumb to do anything else 3)too dumb AND poor to do anything else and emerging now: 4)too messed up by PTSD to have a valid opinion/observation. Lawyers know, if you can't argue the evidence, discredit the witness!


You entertain the left so much. And they still think they're better than you.

The meme you're describing doesn't just live with the soldier's comparison, though that seems to be the focus of the anti-America left. It actually rides all the way through the argument spectrum. Criticism, by and large part of every citizen's right, seems to extend to the left in righteous abundance - but never with a concise solution. Except to run away - followed by the head in sand position.


Sir, Thanks for pointing out that we don't join the military because we are brain dead, nor do we check our brains at the door.

Sir, respectfully who says Soldiers (me Marine) have to be righty or lefty. Personally I don't fit any of the lables, maybe I am more a Teddy Roosevelt Republican.

I am American and love to debate, but Sir, I think don't there is a real debate in our country. There is this culture war with Americans standing in a circle shooting at each other.

This is just one dumb Jarhead's opinion Sir.

Vote Bullmoose!


Liberals consider it an act of bravery to 'stand up to this administration and criticize, demand, blah blah blah!' or, in other words, exercise their 1st Amendment rights. Anyone who considers bitching in public to be courageous will never understand what it means to voluntarily put your very real life in danger. I'm forever grateful for "smart guys" like you!

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