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September 23, 2006



"In a war zone, the ironies just seem to pile up."


I would imagine that it is a daily occurrence.

But pay attention, anyway. Ya never know.


As ironies go, that's a small one. The real irony is that you're there for a big, fat, whopping lie. Christ on a crutch, if having a smoke gets someone through it, so what?

Linda Morgan

A few years ago when I quit that habit I read a usenet group for a while for help and moral support. Quite often, posters would reveal they’d first started smoking while in the service, out of boredom or to help deal with stress. Back in civilian life, they’d happily and easily lay aside both the rigmarole and high drama of life as a soldier, but be stuck with that one pesky habit. Oh well, at least the government doesn’t pass out cigarettes with rations anymore.


WW, how's this for irony. Lefties, who would rather spit on a soldier than look at them, claiming they "support the troops" and thinking red-staters are stupid enough to believe them. Then claiming that we are in Iraq for a lie, and thinking that red-staters are stupid enough to believe them.
I gotta tell ya, this election is going to be so sweet. I can't wait to see what kind of psychotic reaction comes about when the Rethuglicans GAIN seats in the House and Senate. Do ya think the red-staters are going to remember how you Lefties called them morons back in 2004? I'm pretty sure they don't even need to remember, I think they still know.
Sweet I tell ya.


We'll see, won't we? Let's hope the wingnuts don't steal it again.


One way or the other, at least we won't have George Allen to kick around anymore. Ha!



WW, if it looks like the wingnuts are losing by legitimate vote, it will be stolen. You can count on it.

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