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September 01, 2006



Where have all the great politicians gone? Why are we left with men of such limited vision on both sides of the political aisle?

I could not agree more with your comment above Sir.

Sir, we need leaders like you. I bet you would make a great statesman/politician!



The common thread running through those speech excerpts is that the speakers were telling the plain, simple unvarnished truth without regard to political correctness. Reading those excerpts is refreshing because you are reminded that, at one time, a leader could talk about "enemies" and "good" and "evil" without the liberal intelligentsia skickering and sneering in response. When Bush addresses security issues in similar plain terms, he is ridiculed as "simplistic" and called a racist, because--God forbid--by mentioning that Muslim extremists are a dire threat to Western civilization, we might make all Muslims feel uncomfortable. Better that we not talk about it at all, rather than risk hurting someone's feelings.

So, you want to know when we will have leaders like that again? When the electorate decides to stop living in the pretend world of political correctness and chooses to listen to--no, demands--the plain, simple truth.



Publius, I agree with almost everything you say, except one thing. A true leader would not wait for the electorate to be ready to accept the truth, he would state it nonetheless. He would use his ability to lead, to bring the electorate to where they need to be, regardless of where the chips fell. I honestly believe that the American public is intelligent enough, at least a majority of it, to react positively to a leader who aschews political correctness for plain speak, and leadership. I agree that the President is hindered by his desire to keep from offending interest groups, and that is why I said that true leadership is lacking on both sides of the aisle. A true leader will have to say things, and yes, do things, that will bring him bitter and life-long enemies. But he will say them, and do them, because they need to be said and they need to be done. In my mind, as just a small example, a true leader would require that the TSA give up it's even-handedness in selecting those it checks more closely prior to boarding an aircraft. He would demand that they pay less attention to crippled grandmothers with knitting needles and more attention to young males of middle-eastern descent because there is a greater threat to Americans from the latter group than from the former. And he would say so, forthrightly, and defend that statement with facts. If the islamic terrorists learned how to convert crippled grandmothers to islamic fascists ready to kill hundreds of civilian travelers, then a true leader would have the guts to say that the threat had mutated, and that there would be new requirements. This is the essence of a leader; he leads through dark times. Leading a nation in peacetime and prosperity is easy; easy enough that even Al Gore could have done it. Leading a nation during times of trial and tribulation is much harder. We need a leader who can do that. We need many leaders who can do that. I just don't see them in our political body right now.


You make a good point, Diggs. I just wonder whether an individual such as you have described can exist in a leadership position for very long, under the conditions that exist today. Like you, I certainly don't see any likely candidates out there at the moment.

Sadly, more tragic terrorist attacks may be what finally wakes people up to the fact that we are facing a REAL enemy who hates us for what we are, not for what we do, and who wants us to either convert, or die. This morning's news of an Al Queda video "inviting" (this is the way the MSM has described a video that states unequivocally, "convert or die") America to convert to Islam is the latest in a long series of clear statements of our enemy's thinking.



Publis makes some good points, as well as you diggs. Where are they? They're out there - but not obvious. Perhaps most of them are running their own companies - sucessfully - and inspiring those who work for them. With the antique media show determining who is best to serve instead of those who are governed making that decision, what leader would want to stop doing what he's doing successfully and dive into the harshest, most critically unfair business report that exists on this planet?

If it wasn't for the blogosphere, I'm afraid I would have gone nuts.

Thanks for what you do diggs - and to publius for his comments. BTW, publius noted something that came up in a conversation I had with a Muslim friend of mine. He noted the same MSM idiocy - "invite" -or "die".

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