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October 27, 2006


David M

Great article, I wonder if the Weather Channel is ever going to hire him?

Global warming activists simply amaze me, they can understand the laws of thermodynamics as it applies to their home, but simply ignore that those same laws also apply to the globe. Your house does not stay one constant temperature it is constantly warming and cooling as it attempts to stay within a set temperature on your thermostat, the globe is doing the same thing only on a larger scale. Why is that so hard to understand?

MissBirdlegs in AL

I loved his comment: "They don't ask us". That pretty well says it all, doesn't it? Don't ask the people who would know, just speculate, get the media behind you, and "Shazam!" Global Warming caused by the evil Earthlings...


He also hits the nail on the head with the funding issue. The global warming lobby distorts the issue to receive funding. I call it a lobby because that is what they do....try and get governments and the UN to formulate policy on this. Of course when formulating policy you need committees and consultants....

David M

They are a PAC and should be regulated as such.


Yo, Diggs. Don't just rip the left. Have you posted anything about Foley?

And thank you for taking the time and energy to defend America's civil liberties.


Since its Diggs's site he can talk about anything he wants or not want. Do leftists sites give equal time to conservative issues? Or does Al Gore give equal time to scientists who have legimate questions on the global warming issue? Since he proposes major policy changes based on science you would think he would be interested in letting these scientist talk. Afterall that really is the scientific method. But instead of welcoming the debate he goes out of his way to ridicule them or worse yet bully them on the Senate floor.


I have to say that the reason I rip into the Left so much is two-fold. First, it's easy, like shooting fish in a barrel. Second, (and thank you Senator Kerry for re-emphasizing this so close to the election) the Left denigrates me, my wife, my profession, and the profession of the soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines that surround me. Every chance they get. So a little bit of payback is in order, and I in turn denigrate the Lefties pretty much every chance I get. This is my public stage, and I stand willing to debate anyone on the Left who cares to take a stab at defending the slanderous statements made daily by the Left about servicemembers. I've consistently welcomed, and never once censored, the most outrageous claims on this site from Lefties, which all boil down to one thing; Bush is evil. After such a moronic statment as that, there is no legitimate debate possible. Sans their input of an intellectual caliber above "Bush = Hitler", 4 Mile Creek stands as simply my comments against the intellectual wasteland that is the Left.


Gollllly!!!!!! The ol Doc got skinned by Big Al and yet for five freakin years the mouthbreathers have been doctoring the docs and still the ol man is sniffing the panties of Lexington Insurance.

The bid bad global warming lobby made me said dis.

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