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October 22, 2006


MissBirdlegs in AL

Love your sarcasm! Too late to regret the article now. Betcha they'll jump right on the next "secret" thing they can get their hot little hands on & publish it because the "American people deserve to know everything". No research and no second thoughts, just hit "publish".

Linda Morgan

I just don't know which is nuttier: That he would (1) make us privy to his ruminations on the matter with the elections this near to hand (doesn't he know how libs question timing?); (2) shamelessly bury (try to hide?) his staggering admission of error so deep under a bland headline, in an article that begins by announcing the paper's acquisition of "a perfume critic"; or (3) make an offhand reference, just ahead of his disclosure, to "[t]he many Times readers who are consumers of serious news" -- like he continues, from time to time, to think fondly (or vaguely) of them. Whoever they may be.

Sure hope this costs him whatever power and prestige he thought invulnerable to the lethal recklessness of his judgment. Of course, the loss of his sorry reputation is nothing compared to the life's blood of the soldiers he probably doesn't think of even now.

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