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November 28, 2006



It just means that you can look forward to being called back into uniform when the larger, more general defeat becomes "unmanageable."

So enjoy your civilian months and/or years!

Rita Emory

I just wanted to stop in and thank you, all of you, my heart and prayers go out to you. i know your tired and disgusted in a lot of ways. but i pray you will make it through this..rita


I've watched that video several times. It always strikes me how well controlled Gen. Abizaid is when he gets the question. The fire in his eye kinda jumps out. I would have been yelling at the beotch - he was quite calm, actually. I have read several pieces on Abizaid - he seems to be an extremely intelligent force multiplier. The dumocrats won't know how to handle him - it will be the practicality and common sense of Abizaid meeting the dumbass of the cut and run, no-will party.
It's gonna be a strange two years.


You're such as sucker dude.... Why can't you just accept that your ideas about the Iraq invasion were wrong, that the US strategy fucked up, and that the anti-war crowd probably was smarter than yourself when it came to predict the outcome of the Iraq invasion?

Why do you have to keep on trying to make it so that you were right all the way, but that somebody else blew it?

The end of the story is that you didn't understand which way it was going to develop, while a LOT of other people did. So, you were wrong. They were right. Why can't you just accept that? Is it that hard?

MissBirdlegs in AL

Lulu is preaching to Diggs? Wonder who gave her/him the authority or all that wonderful knowledge? Some of us use our minds for something other than profanity and mindless babble - we THINK!! You should try it sometimes, Lulu.

Thank you, Diggs, for your years of service to our great nation. I hope we won't need it again, but I won't hold my breath on that one. Either way, there are a great many of us who are very appreciative!


Lulu, you've not an inkling of what my ideas of the Iraq invasion were, so you can't possible know if I knew how this was how it would turn out.
Would it surprise you to find out that I know more average arabs than George Galloway? Would it surprise you to know that I have lived longer in the middle east than Juan Cole? Would it surprise you to know that I've fought in war longer than Senator Kerry or that I've been awarded more medals than he's thrown away?
The anti-war crowd knowing better than me about what the Iraq war could end up like when all they did was predict that they would oppose it, and have done so?
That's not really too hard to predict.


You wrote: "The defeat that they themselves, and the Democrats, have worked hard towards, and have accepted as necessary and good."

Forget about the mainstream media for the moment. What proof do you have that the Democrats have worked hard towards defeat in Iraq, or that they have accepted it as necessary and good?

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