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November 01, 2006


MissBirdlegs in AL

The sign is priceless! Very clever and creative - especially from those 'not so smart' folks in Iraq :) Have you been to Scrappleface today? He's got a vid up that'll make you laugh.


I like your concise response. No big words, easy to understand, with just the right nuance!

Agnieszka O.

He also insulted families...At least he will have a lot of time to spend with his own family in the next week or so. Loved that "mini bicycle" part lol


Some people can't take a joke. Some people can't tell a joke. Some people can't figure out a joke.

The mock outrage and crocodile tears notwithstanding, this long nightmare of boyish bullies and braggadocios is coming to an end. Crackhead conservatism is about to meet its mandatory minimums.

As your bud Andy Sullivan pointed out, this isn't an election coming but an intervention.


And if it doesn't come? What then DeWayne? Will it be another "stolen election" or will the Leftists finally realize that they are truly in the minority? Are you all going to "take to the streets" beside Lear's gardener and maid? If this is a referendum on the war in Iraq, are you going to shut up about Iraq when you lose?
Of course not, because if you lose, it suddenly won't be a referendum on Iraq, or Bush, or neo-conservatism. How do I know? Well, let me just say a little bird in Connecticut told me.
I will state right here, right now, that if the Dems take the House and Senate, I hope they live up to their promises. I hope they put Nancy Pelosi in as Speaker, and vote on impeachment articles against President Bush. I hope they finally agree that the War Powers Act was stupid, repeal it, and take back the Constitutional madate they were given to be the branch that declares war for the United States. I hope they push through immigration reform, tightening the requirements for visas and green cards, I hope they revamp and re-invigorate the Dept of Homeland Security. I hope they do all that because I had hoped that the Republicans, once in power, did all but the first two of those.
The difference between Leftists and the rest of America is that when Leftists lose, they can't imagine that it means exactly what it means...that they don't represent a majority in America.

Agnieszka O.

Powerful response to Kerry's "joke" by Mr. Griffin, the father of Spc. Kyle Andrew Griffin -

"Even in his so-called apology the next day, Mr. Kerry could not bring himself to admit that he had made a mistake. It was not his fault that I might be offended; it is my fault because I "misinterpreted" what he said."

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