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November 03, 2006



What kind of Rev. Haggard pharmaceutical has Diggs been enjoying? This blog is full of bizzare projections but the one that stands out and the one that qualifies Diggs for some serious mental health intervention is this fantasy that "the left" represents the most potent threat of fascism out there. After nearly six years of Bush and the sundry neocon operatives and christianist goons and the reactionary echo chamber who have lusted for power I can't imagine a sane person contending that looming on the left horizon is some red leviathan.

Conservatives have never loved freedom so much as they lusted for power to restrict others freedoms all the while enlarging what loot they've been able to horde for themselves. And libertarians? Libertarians are to serious political discourse what trekkers are to both science and literature. In the immortal words of Kieran Healy, "Ayn Rand. Fourteen year olds of the world unite! The car keys shall be yours by sheer force of will! Objectivism requires it!”

As for defending freedom, well deploying 130,000 Americans in an occupation a Third World country isn't exactly defending American freedom - unless you're talking about the gas tank as Karl Rove mentioned recently. It takes a lot to sustain freedom and making a fetish of military might isn't the most productive path.


DeWayne, you don't have any comment on the fascist dream posted on Kos that was the centerpiece of the post? Simply ad hominem insults against me and the inevitable Lefty comment about Iraq?
Good debating skills.
By the way, I'm not predicting a Leftist-led fascist takeover of America. The Left doesn't have the power to do that and never will in America. There are about 200 million of us who will see to it that when Leftists take to the barricades to get their "progressive" world fantasy installed by violence, they die by those very same barricades.
I'm commenting on the Left's believe in fascism, something you don't deny so I'm assuming you either agree, or the point of the post went completely over your head. Each of the examples I cite are not my predictions, they are the hopes and dreams coming straight out of that poor lady's imagination. The very fact that you and I can both write whatever we want on this site, and your Lefty friends can even have a site like Daily Kos is proof that your fantasy of a Bush inspired fascist hell for America is so much childish bull. After six years in power, Bush can't even get one single web site pulled from the internet? What kind of fascist power is that? And what kind of sissies are on the Left that they are perpetually scared of him?
It would probably be lost on someone who makes a statement like "Conservatives have never loved freedom so much as they lusted for power to restrict others freedoms all the while enlarging what loot they've been able to horde for themselves." to point out that the very people who wrote the most liberating document in the history of mankind, the document that codified individual freedom and the political bulwark neccesary to protect that freedom, the US Constitution, were conservative in every modern measure of the word. So I won't bother stating such. I would, however, be interested in hearing any example you may have to tell of your individual rights being trampled by the Bush administration. I'll be the first to demand that it stop.

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