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November 26, 2006



I've linked to you here: http://consul-at-arms.blogspot.com/2006/11/re-when-they-say-we-support-troops.html


I'm am sorry that you and our military have to listen to such arrogance as Rangel. I know this makes al-Qaeda smile but be assured the rest of us are taking note of the total lack of support by mainstream dumocrats who now think they have a mandate to dis the very people who protect their ability to criticize their government. I don't think this is what the anti-Republicans thought they were voting for. That includes the Republicans who are disenchanted with their party and voted in protest for Democrats. Not to say there weren't a few good democrats running. But you get people like Rangel with them.
This may suck for two years but I don't think the dumocrats can last that long without imploding. By then, perhaps the disenchanted Republicans and centrist Democrats will finally sober up.

John Davies

After that promising start, you aren't going to take the GI Bill money and complete your obstetrics training?

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