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December 25, 2006


MissBirdlegs in AL

We dodged that bullet, Thank God and the common sense of Americans!


I haeven't seen so much BS in one article in a long time. Referring to his "flip-flopping" as "Barbed words can make for great politics" really does show that at least he's working the issue - he knows he has to do something about his flip-flopping. So he gonna show how flip-flopping equates to statesmanship - a jump of unrealistic proportions. Of course, he has the Washington Post to help him out - but then we know where they stand also.
And he totally misses the point about "changing positions" (his euphemism for flip-flopping) and the danger that it brings. More were killed in Vietnam when we bailed than had died during the war. And all we did was "change position" - from staying the course of appeasement to total abdication - anything but victory will do.
We are becoming soft - and we shall get much softer with wussies like jackass keery running around the world as an apologist for America. He doesn't speak for me and I resent him attempting to.

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