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January 19, 2007



Please stop being so smug just because democrats haven't been able to clean up Bush's mess in a matter of only a few weeks or months.... It's a huge mess created by the current administration, and it will take a huge effort to rectify it....


Hmmmmm. I feel so uneducated. I've been reading your blog off and on for quite some time, and until the previous comment, I never realized you were smug :-)


Let me see if I have this straight: According to Lulu, the Bush administration created the huge mess that is Iran, and it will take a huge effort by the Democrats to rectify it?

First of all, if anyone can be said to have "created" the mess that is Iran, it is good old Jimmy Carter, former DEMOCRATIC president and current Jew hater, Wahabbist apologist,, and lover of oppressive dictators wherever they may reside across the globe. By puling the rug out from under the Shah, he basically opened the door and said to the current radical Islamic nutball regime, "welcome!" "Come on in!" The he stood by while American hostages were taken and held, authorized one half-assed rescue attempt, and wrung his hands and told America that the problem was that they had a bad attitude (the famous "malaise").

Second, does any sane person really think that the Democrats have any possiblity of "rectifying" the Iran situation. They don't even have a plan, much less a chance at fixing the situation. Why? Because they will do nothing but talk, which is the Democratic panacea for every problem. Meanwhile, Iran will continue to become a bigger and bigger threat, while laughing at the fecklessness of the Democrats.

No, Lulu, if Iran is ever to be "rectified" it will either be by a Republican or it will come from within Iran itself.




Lulu, I think you responded to the wrong blog. Diggs may be a lot of things but "smug" never came to mind.

And claiming the dumocrats haven't been able to clean up "Bush's mess" is the usual, typical mindless ploy of someone who can't fathom the word "democratic". As you may recall (but probably don't) they're was overwhelming support in a bi-partisan vote to invade Iraq. Just because your wimpy, clinically clean, short term mindset of what war is didn't agree with the effort required to win doesn't mean Bush created a "mess" all by himself.
Go ahead, jump on the bandwagon and vote for the bailout clause. Don't be "smug" about it.


He's not smug.... but, he's displaying a semi-smug attitude each time there's even the slightest sign of failure on behald of the democratic majority.

It's like he acknowledges the giant failure which the Iraq war has been, and he knows that the only way in which the war effort can be made to look a LITTLE bit better is if someone else (the democrats) have a try, and if they "fail" too. That's his mindset, kind of.... Which I find a bit childish.

As for Iran, I wasn't referring to it specifically. My comment was more general, in the direction of criticizing Diggs childish mindset when it comes to hoping for a democratic failure in Iraq and elsewhere in the middle east...


Well, at least you've gone from "smug" to "semi-smug" diggs.
If you keep trying to grow up, maybe lulu will think you're just "a little smug".


I think he's got it in him. If he just continues to improve his conduct with regard to liberal thinking, I think he can get there. And be non-smug about the failures of his political opponents...


It never fails to amaze me that when a member of the "left" can't handle something that is pointed out to them, they resort to the partyline and calling people names.

Great post and you are 100% right!!!!!!

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