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January 30, 2007



Question: Do you think there's any such thing as an immoral war? And, do you think that the US has been or could become involved in such a war at any point in time?

Lastly, if this did indeed happen, do you think you would have been able to spot it when it happened?


There are such things as immoral wars. I think the US could be involved in one at any time.
I'm sure I'd be able to tell an immoral war a lot better than any Lefty who has had no experience in war.
That's completely within the definition of your "chickenhawk" argument, isn't it?
War moral, immoral, or indifferent, gives NO ONE the privilege of claiming to be a veteran when they are not a veteran. There is no war so immoral to make it a moral right to claim to be a veteran just to make a political point. My fellow soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines have made a personal sacrifice to be called a veteran.
Lefties that want to make a political point at a rally need to stick with their moronic papier-mache puppets, and leave the Army/Navy surplus purchases at home.

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