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February 28, 2007


MissBirdlegs in AL

There have been a lot of statements made by supposed "Statesmen/women" in the last few years that I've considered treasonous. Does anything go these days? Seems to me that only President Bush has to answer for anything said or done - nobody else, which is hardly fair. We have a country full of total hypocrites, to go along with a Congress full of not much else but BS!

Linda Morgan

Promising to end the war if elected is practically campaigning to the radical Islamists and their freedom-hating fellow travelers. Hell, it *is* campaigning to them, and without a shred of concern for the American servicemen and women whose lives she risks. She's attuned enough to the polls to know that not many of the people who want OIF to be a success would consider voting for her to begin with. Why worry about their lives when there's so many leftist terrorist sympathizers willing to vote for any pol who'll make life and conquest easier for their totalitarian pals?


Thanks Diggs. You used a great comparison to point out the obvious lack of will that so many Americans seem to have. I think the weakness the Democrats (and some Repubs) are showing - commonly cited as a lack of will - comes from the ugliness that is naturally part of war. They want "antiseptic" war. Clean wars where no one on our side gets hurt and only the ugly bad guys on the other side get killed. WWII is only pictures now - no reality of it is left - except the old guard at the Veterans Hall.

One of our biggest problems in this country, I think, is that we aren't suffering in this war - as a country. Except for the military and their immediate families, no one has any hardship to bear related to the conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, or any other theater we are involved in. I played golf today. I never thought about the war per se - though I did think about my son about 40 times and wished he could be playing with me.
We aren't saving rubber, collecting scrap steel, or wishing women had nylons - and we still have the best equipped military in the world.
Oh the dumocrats will say the country is suffering but it's only thier mental angst that drives them to activism. It's the "I have a better way" attitude in dealing with jihadists - and Hillary's angst is driven by poll numbers. The dumocrats trump card? - negotiate. Catch air with a net.
I truly believe that until some other vicious, tragic attack happens to us by these jihadists that we will not understand - as a country - what we are attempting to do in the Mideast.
Thanks for your support.


Though I won't be personally involved in the Iraq War anymore, I have a wife who could very easily be sent anytime now, so I'm still concerned about how this war is fought. It chills me to the bone that we might have another Clinton in the White House who believes that military forces should be sent worldwide at the whim of the UN, then withdrawn when the domestic support falls below 50% in the latest poll (see Mogadishu). If you loathe something as much as the Clintons loathe the military, there is no reason to ever understand how to use it correctly.

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