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March 31, 2007



In mid-March, a Russian magazine reported that the U.S. would attack Iran on April 6th. The article was published ,i>before this manufactured hostage crisis. Gulf of Tonkin, WMD, alumnium tubes, here we go again.


In a media world dominated by their own selfish morals, this was not surprising - set up the easily achieved self-righteous platform, using a bridled woman for posture, and then preach the argument that the free world's powers are stupid. This guy needs a brain enema to clear out his bias. He completely misses the point that no country in this "war on terruh" - other than the "defeated" democracies - has ever agreed to Geneva Conventions. But that doesn't make for good PR when you're busy slamming the only sources of human rights in the world. Iran's forgotten invention notwithstanding.


It's interesting that AW quotes a Russian magazine. A Russian astronomer recently published a piece saying that global warming is caused by solar irradiance, I'm sure the AW will now base his thoughts about global warming upon an article in a Russian magazine ....


It will be interesting to see if that Russian magazine gets the date right. It sure looks like the Boy Liar is getting ready to attack the Iranians.


What's going to be even more interesting will be whether the Iranians are maybe egging the Boy Liar on, maybe because they've obtained weapons that will be able to take out an aircraft carrier. If the Iranians can do that, the world will change.


AW takes off his mask and reveals that he is an enemy of America. Just love how AW openly roots for the deaths of 5600 sailors. Here he was critizing a couple of un armored HUMVEEs... Goes to show he only cares about the troops when it serves his political purposes. Go to Iran AW and pray with your Islamic facisists buddies...

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