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March 29, 2007



Liar Diggs is still the last idiot to get the joke. The Democrats will give Bush what he wants, i.e., the unrestricted funding. But they will have made their point, and made it in a highly visible way for all to see.

In doing so, they will force Republicans to declare where they stand on the most important question of the day to an electorate that is two-thirds against the Boy Liar's fiasco. But, at the same time, they'll be able to say that they never bugged out on funding for the troops in the field.

Net effect: "Hey America, behold the Boy Liar and his smashing defeat!"


Seven seats. Hmm, I wonder how the nutcases will feel when it's 58-42 Democratic there. And what will it be like when the Democrats pick up, say, another 35 seats in the House and make it 268-167. That ought to give Presidentrix Hillary Rodham Clinton some room to maneuver, don't you think?

Shoe's on the other foot, Liar Diggs. Tight, maybe?


Oops, missed one. Sununu. The Boy Liar has a 17% approval rating in New Hampshire, but Sununu voted for his war. Thanks, John! Made my day.


And you never know about Elizabeth Dole in North Carolina. Word is that, Liar Diggs aside, the Boy Liar and his war and its brownshirt enablers have become somewhat less popular among the military families there. Something about all those coffins and wheelchairs.

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