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March 31, 2007



What's really disgusting is that the AP writer never, ever - not once - remotely suggested that any of the effort by "biologists" was self serving. "We're from San Francisco and we know everything."

'scuse me while I spit.


My friend Mark wrote and said:
Hey Diggs, Those were fun days. All the birds we watched fledged. Out of five
originals, four at least made it out of the "nest". One we rescued and sent back because of a broken wing. I was told the next year, one of our birds had come back to the site to nest as an adult. Remember the lightning and the crumbly rock?

So I had it correct; the peregrine chicks Mark fed every day figured out all by themselves how to survive life on a huge cliff. Without a peregrine adult. I'm pretty sure that the babies meant to be raised by George and Gracie Peregrine would have been better off in the nest that George and Gracie picked based on a couple million years of evolutionary input than they will be being raised by a bunch of Lefty do-gooders. Before you know it, the peregrine chicks will be declared gay.

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