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April 06, 2007



Part of the peace at any cost crowd...Pelosi would be so proud of her.....


How about a compromise? Put up a statue to the dude, but lose the big nasty looking gun. Better yet, the people who like the guns can use them to hunt the peace doves. Just don't have the guy in plaster or bronze or whatever holding the big gun. Colorado is a volatile place, full of assorted whackjobs, freaks, christian terrorists and Mormons. Not good to give these people ideas.


AW, I have to say that this may be the most intelligent comment you've made on this blog - though I completely disagree.

The gun is important - we are a nation of good offenses. And the gun also represents the facts - to survive the war of the jihadists, you have to kill. We cannot and should not hide that. Those who killed Deitz didn't do it with their bare hands. Making the memorial of this warrior with the pointed reduction of the gun makes it antiseptic. And that is never what war is about. It is all about winning and losing. We've never been on the losing side but we can clearly see those who have - and it's light years different from who we are as a country. If we are to succumb to this latest multicultural soft peddling of accomodate-at-all-costs, then we deserve no better than Sharia Law.

I think the worst part of this story is that several spineless peacenik types want to equate this memorial of a fallen hero to the jerkoffs at Columbine High School. That's where the discussion is reduced to nothing more than an anti-war platform, led by the defeatist fake intellectualism of the peacenik crowd.

Deitz is a war hero - he didn't ask to be or plan it that way. Nor did he ask for or envision a statue in his honor for putting himself in the line of fire to save his comrades. But he deserves every bit of it. Give him the damn memorial and tell the fake peacenik whiners to shut the hell up.


That's right, AW, don't show the truth--that Dietz was a soldier who actually used a "big, nasty looking" gun and who continued to fire on the enemy though mortally wounded. We don't want to give anyone any crazy ideas. We don't want to teach children lessons about bravery, honor, self-sacrifice and loyalty. We wouldn't want anyone to hear Dietz' story and learn that heroes sometimes have to fight and kill, or that there is a direct relationship between living in a free country and men and women like Dietz.

Instead, let's put up a statue of Dietz holding a crayon picture of a rainbow that he drew while fighting Muslims who, if they had a chance, would be only too happy to kill everyone in the fricking state of Colorado. Because we want to be for peace.

And the Left has the nerve to refer to itself as the "reality based" community, yet cannot distinguish between an heroic fallen soldier and a couple of snot-nosed punks who didn't get enough attention from their mommies. They both had guns, so they're the same. Right?



Amy K.

...christian terrorists and Mormons.

I know worrying about christian terrorists and Mormons keeps me up at night. Chilling.


Just a reminder...Sen Reid, the Senate Majority Leader, is a Mormon.................

Amy K.

I'm from Idaho. Everybody is a Mormon here. Believe me, they're not the ones you have to worry about.


I don't give a shit what they put up. But a "community" is just that: People with a variety of outlooks. Compromise is how things work in the real world. Yes, even for wingnut crackpots like the people here. You give a little, you get a little. If you want to memorialize the guy, accept the statue without the gun.


I'm from Idaho. Everybody is a Mormon here.

Or so the Mormons pretend. In fact, about one-quarter of Idaho's population is a Mormon cultist. Alas, the cult is highly organized and robotic, and therefore influential there and of course in cult central (Utah). Nevada is strongly influenced by the cult, as is Arizona and, increasingly, Oregon.

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