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Retired soldier, married to a US Army Doc, father to four kids


Hi, I'm Diggs. I'm a retired soldier, who last served with the 4th Infantry Division, Baghdad, Iraq. I am a resident of Wyoming, though I haven't lived there for over 20 years, instead serving all over the world.
I have a BA w/Honors in International Relations (U of Wyo, '85), an MS in Science and Technology Commercialization (UT at Austin, '96), and an unbound interest in nature, science, history and politics. I am happily married to a US Army Doc, and am the proud father of four beautiful children, two girls and two boys.
I am strongly libertarian, though I've never voted for a Libertarian, and I'm even more strongly patriotic. I believe that the US represents the best of what people can offer in a very imperfect world, and I believe that my brothers and sisters (and wife) in the US Armed Forces are the sword and shield of freedom. I would love nothing more than to have peace breaking out all over, but I don't see that happening anytime soon. Until then, I believe in peace through superior firepower.
4 Mile Creek reflects only my simple selfish opinions. Please remember as you read my posts that I am under UCMJ at all times (even retired), and I willingly follow the limitations imposed on me by that document to ensure the sanctity of civilian control of the military, as well as my obligations to follow OPSEC rules to ensure the safety of my fellow servicemembers.
The actual 4 Mile Creek, from which my site gets its name, runs near my cabin in the mountains of Colorado.